Tips & Links

Tips for a strong start:

 1. When the starter says “Take Your Mark”, 
swimmer must bend and grab the front of the starting block,
holding STEADY,

            Track start                                                                     Grab start


2. Legs are MOST IMPORTANT in start.
Swimmer should JUMP off block towards opposite end of the pool.
Legs move BEFORE arms in start.


3. Entry should be in a tight streamline position. 
Head is tucked 
below arms creating a straight line from hands to back.


Tips for butterfly:

In BUTTERFLY, arms are STRAIGHT when out of the water.

Hands are nowhere near the head and elbows are NOT bent!



Video for backstroke breakout:

Watch this video of Ryan Lochte's backstroke breakout:

1) Note how the first arm pull he does is UNDERWATER — and it brings him up to the surface to begin his swim

and 2) Note how his head doesn't move at all during the backstroke swim.



Video for breaststroke pullout: