Weekly Update 02/28/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families,

It is incredibly hard to believe, but this is our last week of Jr Warriors! We had a good meet against Mystic Valley on Saturday…a small but mighty group with about half of our team attending. Some fast swimming by both teams and many best times. The highlight for the coaches was seeing the kids cheer for and support each other despite being the much smaller team and underdog. It began with them all cheering for coach Sean as he swam a special event, the 200 free, against two Mystic Valley swimmers. A very fast swim (1:50.32) and a great example of a someone who began their career as a Jr Warrior swimmer at an early age and now is a key part of the high school team. We go into championships with a 7-2 record and look forward to a great meet! There is LOTS of important news for this week, so please read on!

Swimmers of the Week – Our swimmers of the week are Jordan Haims, Dieubeni Murray, Jake Fox and Emily Genis. Jordan swam the most events of anyone this past weekend and did it so willingly and with enthusiasm all in the spirit of helping out the team. In addition to his two regular events and the medley relay, Jordan also swam both a 9/10 and 11/12 relay to help out so his teammates had a chance to swim a relay. That involved literally finishing one freestyle relay and then heading back to the blocks for the next one where he swam a 50, a bit longer than his usual races. Luckily Jordan has lots of energy because it turned out his 9/10 relay swam in the wrong event so they swam again in the correct event. After six swims he was still smiling! Dieubeni, too, helped the team by swimming several relays this weekend. When told that we didn’t have enough swimmers to field a relay in each of the older boys’ events and that we needed his help to do so, Dieubeni stepped up to the plate and swam both an 11/12 and 13/14 relay back to back. He put a lot of effort and team spirit into his swims and helped score important points for the team! The coaches were struck by Jake’s display of sportsmanship at Saturday’s meet. As he was standing behind his lane for his backstroke race, he tapped the swimmer in front of him on the back (a Wayland teammate) and wished him good luck with a thumbs up gesture. It was so genuine and straight from the heart! And a great display of team spirit and sportsmanship. At several meets this year, including Saturday’s, we have been short of swimmers either because of vacation (like Saturday) or because of last minute illnesses. In those instances I ask the kids not to leave until they have checked as to whether they are needed for anything else. Emily is one of those kids who is really good about checking in and seeing if she is needed to swim anything else before leaving. Not only that, she is great about cheering for her teammates during meets and spreading a little sunshine to her teammates. There isn’t a practice or meet that goes by without Emily brining a smile to someone’s face! Congratulations Jordan, Dieubeni, Jake and Emily…you are all wonderful examples of what it is to be a part of a team!

Congratulations! – During February vacation, our high school swimmers participated in the State Championships and all swam incredibly well! The boys came home with the State title…something that hadn’t been done by the boys in Wayland since 2010. Congratulations to all of our high schoolers!

Championship Info – A detailed email with Championship information was emailed to everyone yesterday. If you did not get it, please let me know.

Team Picture – The team picture will be Tuesday, Feb. 28th. There are 2 picture times scheduled…if your child cannot make the one for his/her age group, please feel free to come to the other picture time. It all becomes one big picture in the end! Swimmers should wear their team suits. Although your kids may be there early for their practices because of the picture, we ask that they don’t get into the pool until their regularly scheduled practice time unless special arrangements have been made. It helps control the chaos!
4:45 pm – Ages 5-10
6:15 pm – Ages 11&up

Practices This Week – We have two practices left! As I told the kids yesterday, it would benefit them all to attend both practices. We will be talking about championship details and focusing on fast swimming, starts, turns and finishes. I do know that the Strings Jamboree has been rescheduled for Thursday. If your swimmer is participating in the jamboree and it prevents them from attending their normally scheduled practice, they are welcome to come to the 5:30 practice and swim.

8th Grade Festivities – Every year we have a few traditions for our 8th graders as they “graduate” to the high school. Here is this year’s schedule:
8th Grade Clap Out – This will take place at our last practice on Thursday at 8:00 pm. Younger team members are welcome to participate clapping the 8th graders out. A separate email will be sent to 8th grade families about this.
8th Grade Dinner – The Clifford family has graciously offered to host dinner for the 8th graders on Friday. All 8th grade families should have received a separate email about this from the Cliffords. If you have not, please let me know.

Awards Night – Our annual Awards Night will be Tuesday, March 14th from 5:15 pm-7:30 pm in the middle school cafeteria. Mark your calendars!
New League Record – Congratulations to Sean Devlin who set a new league record Saturday in the 50 fly with a time of 24.46!
Ads for Championship Meet Program – There is still one last chance to submit a one liner or business card size ad for the meet program Saturday. The form is attached and hard copies will also be at the pool tomorrow. The absolute deadline to hand them in is Tuesday night!

Phew! I think that is it! See you at the pool!


Weekly Update 02/13/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families!

We had a great meet Saturday with many, many best times by our swimmers! It was wonderful to see them execute the things we have been working on in practice…like fast finishes. Our record stands at 7-1 with one dual meet left. Please read on for more news…and please make sure you let us know if you are coming to the Feb. 25th meet, particularly if you are heading out of town for the week.

Swimmers of the Week – This week’s swimmers of the week are the Pythila brothers, Ben and Luke, Aiden Shapley, AiLi Montague and Marley Miller. Both Ben and Luke are extremely dedicated and great examples to their teammates. Not only do they consistently come to practice, but when at practice they work hard always trying to do things to improve their strokes. And it shows as their times keep dropping. They aren’t afraid to ask questions, they are incredibly kind to their teammates, and they each have a quick wit that brings a smile to any coach on deck. Aiden has hardly missed a practice and in her own quiet way she has been working hard and getting faster and faster as the season has progressed. She is always willing to help the team out like last Saturday when, as a ten year old, she didn’t hesitate at the last minute to swim in an 11/12 relay when someone left early. By swimming, Aiden gave her teammates a chance to still swim in the relay. AiLi crushed it at the meet Saturday. Not only did she swim the IM and improve her time by multiple seconds, but she, as an 11 year old, competed in the 15/18 breaststroke because we didn’t have anyone to swim the event. It turned out she was the only girl in the event, so her event was combined with the boys 15/18 breaststroke and she swam against some of our high school coaches! Although nervous, she held her own and broke 40 seconds for the first time…actually going a 38…and scored important points for the team…a true testament to her work ethic and determination. Marley has been working incredibly hard all season. Her dedication both in and out of the pool is evident and has paid off tremondously.. At Saturday’s meet she had best times by a considerable amount in both her 50 free and 50 fly. She is often put in the 15/18 events as a 13 year old but never ever complains as she knows it is for the team. She has a great attitude in practice and makes everyone smile. Ben, Luke, Aiden, AiLi and Marley are all great examples to their teammates and true team players. Congratulations!!

Meet Saturday, Feb. 25th – Our final dual meet of the season is an AWAY meet at Mystic Valley on Saturday, Feb. 25th. This will be a very competitive meet! Mystic Valley won championships last year. We do realize some of you may be out of town as it is during February vacation. If that is the case, please make sure you indicate that on the sign up sheet before you leave. Timing for the meet is:
12:15 pm – Arrival
12:30 pm – Warm Up
1:00 pm – Meet Starts
Please go to www.waylandjw.com and sign up (yes OR no) by 9:00 am on Friday, Feb. 24th. Again, if you know you will be away…please, please, please take a moment now to indicate your swimmer’s status. We will also need to provide some volunteers so please sign up for that as well.

Championships – Many, many thanks to all the families who volunteered to help at championships. As of tonight, all our volunteer slots are filled! It was touch and go…but everyone stepped up to the plate. For those of you volunteering who still need to get paperwork in, please do so ASAP. A separate email will be sent with details about championships (March 4th) later this week.

February Vacation Practice – We will have a couple of optional practices during February vacation. If you are around, we would love to see your swimmers! The schedule is:
Sunday, Feb. 19th – NO PRACTICE
Tuesday, Feb. 21st – NO PRACTICE
Wednesday, Feb. 22nd
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm – 6&unders
2:00 pm – 2:45 pm – 7/8s year olds
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – 9/10 year olds
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm – 6th/7th/8th grade
Thursday, Feb. 23rd
2:00 pm – 2:30 pm – 6&unders
2:00 pm – 2:45 pm – 7/8s year olds
2:00 pm – 3:00 pm – 9/10 year olds
3:00 pm – 4:00 pm – 6th/7th/8th grade
Saturday, Feb. 25th – AWAY MEET at Mystic Valley
Sunday, Feb. 26th – Practice as Usual

Focus of the Week – This week we will be focusing on fast finishes and legal kicks in breaststroke and butterfly. Ask your swimmers about it!

That is it for this week! See you at the pool!


Weekly Update 02/07/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families!

It is SO nice to be back in the Wayland pool! As corny as it sounds, I loved hearing the voices of the kids swimming last Tuesday…those in Jr Warriors, those in lessons and those free swimming. Many, many thanks to Steve Murray (Dieubeni and Nicole’s dad) who spearheaded the heater “fix” designing the redundant system and staying on top of the project to get it done. We are so grateful. We had a fun meet Saturday…the Revere team has definitely shrunk in size, but it gave our swimmers a great chance to try new events and despite several saying they couldn’t do an IM or butterfly, they all did it and did it well! There is lots of news for this week, so please read on…

Swimmers of the Week – This week’s swimmers of the week are Olivia Fountain, Alex Kotzampaltiris, Will Obar, Hilla Almog and Joni Thomas. Olivia is in our 7/8 year old group and has been working hard all season perfecting her strokes and it shows! She has swum every 7/8 event during the season and has done it well. She comes to practice, works hard, is a good listener and has a great attitude. At one meet she had a scrape that hurt when in the water and she said with a smile, “Well, it will make me swim faster because I will want to get out of the water fast.” A great example of looking at the glass half full! Alex is new to our team this year and is incredibly enthusiastic in all he does. He attacks practice with gusto and always with a smile on his face. At our Revere meet he volunteered to swim anything extra we needed him to and at the very end of the meet, our 15/18 boys put together a relay but needed one more person. Alex finished his 11/12 relay and we asked him to be the fourth on the 15/18 relay and he didn’t even hesitate. He smiled and went right up to the older boys, who were twice his size, and introduced himself. The relay was able to swim because he swam, a great example of doing it for the team. At Saturday’s meeet, one of our 7/8 swimmers broke his goggles just before his race. He was a bit panicked and Will, standing nearby, didn’t hesitate to hand his goggles to the swimmer so he could use them. That is typical of Will. Whether in practice or at a meet, Will is incredibly thoughtful and helpful to both his teammates and the coaches and doesn’t even think twice about it. He is a pleasure to have on the team and a great example of being a team player. Hilla and Joni can often be seen at the end of the pool cheering for the younger kids, and on Saturday we saw just that. They were consistently by the blocks or at the other end of the pool cheering on the younger swimmers and giving them pep talks. And if any of the swimmers needed anything, Hilla and Joni made sure they got it. A wonderful example of being great mentors. Olivia, Alex, Will, Hilla and Joni are true team players…congratulations!!

Championship Volunteers – Many thanks to all of you who have volunteered for Championships (March 4th). We still have a few more spots to fill and need to do so ASAP so we can get the necessary folks background checked. Please remember that we are obligated to provide volunteers for those spots!! If you can help, please go to www.waylandjw.com under the “parent sign up tab” to sign up.
11:00 am – 1:00 pm (10&unders)
Swim Supervisor (supervise our swimmers in the gym)
2:30 pm – 4:45 pm (11&up) (**NOTE: We will be asking older kids to arrive at 2:30 which is the time this shift starts)
Ticket taker (collect tickets at stairs next to stands)
5:30 pm – 7:15 pm (11&up)
Bullpen Helper
Program Sales (sell meet programs in gym)
Swim Supervisor (supervise our swimmers in the gym)

Meet Saturday – We have a HOME meet Saturday against both SwimPro and Westford. Both are small teams which is why we are having a tri-meet. Timing is:
12:45 pm – Arrival
1:00 pm – Warm Up
1:45 pm – Meet Starts
Please sign up (yes OR no) for the meet at www.waylandjw.com by Friday at noon. We will need our usual host of volunteers so please sign up for that as well. A gentle reminder that all families are asked to volunteer in some capacity at a minimum of one meet during the season. If you haven’t done so already, your time is running out. If you need help figuring out what job to do, let me know.

Congratulations! – Congratulations to our high school swimmers! The boys won the DCL (league) championships on Saturday. Many of our swimmers (both boys and girls) are off to Sectionals this weekend and then the State Championships in two weeks. Please join us in wishing them well!

Focus of the Week – We will be focusing on starts, turns and finishes this week. Swimmers can shave time off their swims simply wth faster starts, turns and finishes. Ask your kids about it!

Locker Room Behavior – We had an issue Saturday with the behavior in the boys locker room. Several of our boys were fooling around in the showers and when asked to stop by the adult present, they did not. Please remind your swimmers, both girls and boys, that the locker rooms are for showering and changing and as tempting as it might be, they are not a place to play games, eat, squirt water or fool around. Thanks for your help with this!

Ads for Championship Program – The league is again selling ads for the Championship meet program. You can purchase one liners ($10) or business card size ($30) ads. The deadline has been extended so if you are interested in placing an ad but haven’t done so, please do it this week. The ad form is attached to this email.

That is it for this week! See you at the pool!

Weekly Update 01/31/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families!

We are back in the Wayland pool…yippee! We had a great practice Sunday…and as of yesterday, the water temperature is back to normal. Saturday’s meet was a great competition. While we lost by a mere 3 points, every swimmer on the team swam amazingly well really putting into practice what we had talked about last week…touching the wall ahead of the person next to you and using good starts, turns and finishes to help accomplish that. We had many great swims and could not have asked for more. There is a lot of news this week so read on!

Swimmers of the Week – This week’s swimmers of the week are Kalena Imura, Cal Neprud and Juliette Smith. On Saturday, Kalena was a shining example of the phrase “finish fast to the wall”. If you watched her in all her races, she accelerated throughout each 25 and had great finishes. When Kalena is at practice, she works incredibly hard and is an excellent listener. Cleary she has been working on her finishes and it shows. She always does what is needed for the team! Cal, one of our swimmer musicians, didn’t think he could make the meet Saturday because he was at a musical competition. We were thrilled when he came at the end of the meet and swam the backstroke and relay. In the backstroke he was in a heat that was not very competitive for him, but he swam his own race knowing that if he went fast enough he could sneak into the top three times. And he swam fast enough to place third overall! Juliette had a similar experience in Saturday’s meet. She, too, was in a heat that was not very competitive for her and we chatted about her swimming her own race and doing it fast. She nodded and jumped in the pool to swim a very fast 50 backstroke and she, too, snuck in there for third place overall. Both Cal and Juliette have a great work ethic and have been getting faster and faster as the season progresses. They welcome help and advice with their strokes and swimming and clearly put it into practice. Kalena, Cal and Juliette are all quiet leaders in pool…they lead by example and are great team players. Congratulations!!
Championships – Championships are coming up on Saturday, March 4th at Boston University. Hopefully you have seen the separate emails about them. There are two things that we MUST get done this week in order for our team to participate in championships (these requirements are new from BU)…
Waivers – Every participant in Championships must have a completed waiver on file. Thanks to all of you who have filled one out. There are still a few missing waivers so if you still need to complete one for your swimmer, please come into the lobby this week and do so.
Volunteers – We must provide a certain number of volunteers for the Championship meet. This year all volunteers, except timers, must be background checked (CORI and SORI) which is why we need to fill these spots now. Thanks to all of you who have volunteered so far. We still have 5 slots to fill in the 10&under session and 10 spots to fill in the 11&up session. Please go to www.wayandjw.com and sign up under the “parent sign up” tab.
Meet Saturday – We have a HOME meet Saturday against Revere. Timing is:
12:15 – Arrival
12:30 – Warm Up
1:00 – Meet Starts
Please sign up (yes OR no) at www.waylandjw.com by Friday at noon. We have our usual host of volunteer spots to fill as well, so please sign up for that too!
Focus of the Week – This week we will focus on all the little things. Since we haven’t been in the pool a lot the last few weeks, we will take time to work on our strokes, starts, turns and finishes. It sounds like a lot but there is a lot we can do with each of those things during our regular practices. Ask your swimmers about it!
Lost and Found Items
A black and pink winter coat disappeared from the Longfellow meet on Saturday. If your swimmer picked it up accidentally please let Jeanne know.
A black hooded Wayland lacrosse pullover sweatshirt (size youth large) was found at the Longfellow meet Saturday. If it is yours, let Jeanne know.
A neon green Nike water bottle was found at the Longfellow meet Saturday. If it is yours, let Jeanne know.

That is it for this week! Thank you for your patience, kind words and flexibility over the past 3 weeks.

See you at the pool!

Weekly Update 01/23/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families,

It was great to see so many kids Saturday at Atkinson as well as the dedicated middle school crew last night at Longfellow. A big week this week…heater hopefully switched on and our biggest meet of the year against Longfellow. We do have a practice planned tomorrow (see below for details). News for the week…

Swimmer of the Week – This week’s swimmers of the week are Ramji Ravi, Brady Foley, Caroline Rent and Ben Clifford. Ramji is new to the team this year and is a great example of how consistent practice and hard work pays off. There is hardly a practice Ramji has missed and with each practice his swimming improves. His endurance and stroke technique have all improved and he always has a great attitude. Even with our many practice locations these past two weeks he always comes with a smile and ready to work hard. Brady has really come into his own this year and has added both IM and breaststroke to his repertoire. He isn’t afraid to work hard and it shows. We put him on an 11/12 relay as a 10 year old at the Concord meet and he had a fantastic 50 free. He is a great example of how hard work pays off. Caroline is new to the team this year and she, too, is a wonderful example of how consistent practice pays off. Both her strokes and her strength have improved significantly this season and a big reason is how often we see her at practice. She isn’t afraid to ask questions and is a good listener. She is a pleasure to have in the pool! Ben is in 8th grade and always pushes himself in practice. No matter what set we are doing, Ben gives it 110%. He never, ever gives up and every practice we know he has given it his all. As a result, he is in great shape and performs better and better at each meet. And he does it all with a great attitude. Ramji, Brady, Caroline and Ben are wonderful examples to their teammates…they lead by example with their consistency, hard work, and positive attitudes. Congratulations!!

Practice Schedule This Week – We will be practicing this week…here are the details:
Tuesday – We will have a fun dryland practice at the Wayland pool complete with music and more. Please have swimmers dress comfortably and wear sneakers. We will be getting psyched for our Longfellow meet. The schedule will be:
5:00 pm – 5:30 pm – 6&unders and 7/8 year olds
5:30 pm – 6:15 pm – 9/10 year olds
6:30 pm – 7:15 pm – 6th/7th/8th grade
Thursday – Hopefully we will be back in the pool at our regular times…stay tuned!

Meet Saturday – We have an AWAY meet against Longfellow Natick Saturday. This is our biggest meet of the year…always a great and friendly rivalry. It will be a close one so we hope everyone will be there! Timing is:
1:45 pm – Arrival
2:00 pm – Warm up
2:45 pm – Meet starts
Please sign up (yes OR no) for meet by 9:00 am Friday at www.waylandjw.com. And sign up for volunteer spots too!

That is it for this week! Thanks again for all of your patience over these past couple of weeks. With any luck the pool will be up and running very soon. See everyone at the pool!


Weekly Update 01/17/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families,

Another strange week…but one in which everyone stepped up and made the practices and meet happen…thank you! We had a great meet against Concord on Saturday with some excellent swims. Our record now stands at 4-0! The Wayland pool is still closed this week although there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Please read on for practice information and information about this weekend’s meet!

Swimmer of the Week – This week’s swimmers of the week are Aman Kumar, Patricia Pak and Eliya Howard-Delman. At our meet Saturday, we were short a swimmer in the 7/8 boys free relay at the last minute because the person we expected to arrive and swim had not. We only had a possibility of three swimmers who could fill in and after the first two couldn’t do it for various reasons, we turned to Aman who was fully dressed and on his way out because he had finished all of his events. When we asked if he would be willing to get back in his suit and swim so the other three swimmers could swim their relay, he did. Not only that, he did it enthusiastically! Just as he had done when he swam butterfly earlier in the meet, not a regular event for him but he was our only swimmer in the event and we needed him! He is a great example of doing what was needed for the team. Patricia swam her first IM on Saturday. She was very, very nervous about it but as we told her, she does IMs all the time in practice and just needed to think about it like she was swimming a fast IM in practice. Patricia works extremely hard, is an excellent listener, and takes every bit of feedback to heart. Her strokes have improved greatly as have her times, so swimming an IM was not a stretch for her at all. Still nervous, she swam the event and did so beautifully. It was a great example of how hard work and perseverance pay off…and she realized it wasn’t so bad to swim an IM after all! On Saturday as well as at many other meets, Eliya can be found at the end of the pool cheering on her teammates. Not only that, whenever she swims, she shows great sportsmanship congratulating those who swim against her on their swims and getting her relay teammates psyched up. She is full of energy at practice and at meets and it is wonderful for the coaches to see how she makes it a priority to help her teammates and cheer them on no matter their age or speed. Congratulations Aman, Patricia and Eliya…you are true team players!!!

Saturday’s Meet – As most of you know, the pool is still closed. However, the plumber is working hard this week to install the new heaters. There is one part that won’t be delivered until the end of the week which makes our Saturday meet a bit tenuous. We will hold the meet if by chance the part comes in early and the pool gets warm enough. We will make a final decision Thursday. If we don’t have the meet, we do have some pool time at Atkinson pool in Sudbury that day and will have practice and the meet will be rescheduled. Stay tuned!

Practices This Week – At this point we do not have any pool space for practices until Saturday. Hopefully we will be back in the Wayland pool by Sunday or Tuesday at the latest. In the meantime, if you have access to a pool (i.e., Longfellow, etc.) and you are able to get your kids there, it would be great if they could get some swimming in. I’ve attached some sample workouts. And if they can’t get in the water, some other type of aerobic exercise would be great. Again, stay tuned for practice information as the week goes on!

Schedule – Here is the schedule for the week as of now:
Tuesday – No Practice
Thursday – No Practice
Saturday – Meet (at Wayland) OR Practice (at Atkinson in Sudbury)
Sunday – TBD

Lost Items – We found a pair of Reef flip flops (black with pink accents) at the Concord meet. They look like they belong to a younger swimmer. If they are yours let me know!

That is it for this week. Many, many thanks for your patience through all of this. Keep thinking good thoughts and with any luck we will be back in the pool before we know it!!


Weekly Update 01/10/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families…

Whew…what a week! Between the heater issue at the pool and the storm Saturday, things have been a bit up in the air. We truly appreciate your patience and flexibility. The kids were great last Thursday as we did some dryland and then almost continuous swimming (or at least swimming with very little rest to keep everyone moving). No one complained and in fact the kids rose to the occasion! Please read below for practice information this week as well as information about our rescheduled Concord meet.

Practices This Week – Hot off the press (literally!), we have two locations to practice this week thanks to some very generous and helpful neighboring pools! The available time is limited so the practice times are a bit different. Please read closely so you know where and when your child’s practice is. Both these pools are smaller than the Wayland pool, so we are going to ask that people stick with their assigned practice times. Please remind your kids that we are guests at these facilities, so we need to be respectful while swimming there.
Tuesday – Regis College
4:30 pm -5:00 pm – 6&unders
4:30 pm -5:15 pm – 7/8s
5:15 pm – 6:00 pm – 9/10s

Wednesday – Regis College
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm – 9/10s

Thursday – Regis College
4:30 pm – 5:00 pm – 6&unders and 7/8s
5:00 pm – 6:00 pm -6th/7th/8th grade

Sunday – Longfellow Wayland
7:30 pm – 8:30 pm – 6th/7th/8th grade

Addresses, Parking and Other Info for Practices
Regis College Pool – 235 Wellesley Street, Weston, MA 02493. You can park in front of the athletic center. (See campus map http://www.regiscollege.edu/about/campus-map.cfm.) To enter you go upstairs to enter building…there should be someone at the front desk. To enter pool you go through bathrooms to the pool deck. Parents may sit by the pool but are asked not to wander through the building.
Longfellow Wayland – 524 Boston Post Road, Wayland, MA 01778. You can park in front of the club. Entry to the pool is through the locker rooms. Parents my sit by the pool but are asked not to wander through the club.

Rescheduled Meet – Mother Nature got the best of us last Saturday and we were unable to have our AWAY meet. It has been rescheduled for this Saturday, same time, same place. As a reminder, the location is the Beede Center (498 Walden St- Concord, MA- (978) 287-1000). We do know that some of you will be away for the holiday weekend but this was the best date for a makeup meet given the calendar for the rest of the season. Everyone needs to re-sign up for the meet (yes OR no) at www.waylandjw.com by 9:00 am on Friday. The earlier the better!! And please re-sign up to volunteer as well. As a reminder, timing is:
3:45 pm – Arrival
4:00 pm – Warm Up
4:30 pm – Meet Starts

Focus of the Week – We will continue our focus on breaststroke. Timing is key! Ask your kids about it.

Pool Update – Plumbers will be in this week to dismantle the old heater and begin installation of a redundant heating system. With any luck we will be back in the pool sooner than we thought. Stay tuned!

Many thanks for your patience and understanding during this time. As I told the kids Thursday, keep thinking positive thoughts!!


Weekly Update 01/03/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families!

Happy New Year! I hope that you all had a wonderful holiday and a nice, restful and joyful time with your families. It is hard to believe that today everything starts back up again. Please read on for a few important notes including a reminder about the practice change for today, our away meet Saturday, and more!

Practice Today (Tuesday) – Just a reminder that due to a high school meet at the pool, our practice schedule is changed for today:

– 6&unders – NO PRACTICE
– 7/8s – NO PRACTICE
– 9/10s – 6:15 – 7:15**
– 6th/7th/8th – 7:15-8:15
**Note time change

We resume our regular practice schedule on Thursday.

Meet Saturday – We have our first away meet this Saturday against Concord. The meet will be held at the Beede Center (498 Walden Street, Concord) which is adjacent to Concord-Carlisle High School. Timing is:
3:45 pm – Arrival
4:00 pm – Warm Up
4:30 pm – Meet Starts
Please sign up for the meet (yes OR no) by 9:00 am Friday morning at www.waylandjw.com. Because it is an away meet, I need to send the entries to them on Friday. Sign up today!!

Volunteers – We will need some volunteers for the meet Saturday so take a look at the options and sign up for that as well.

Focus of the Week – This week we will focus on breaststroke. It is a challenging stroke…the kick and the timing are what we will be working on. Ask your kids about it!

Ribbons – Ribbons from all meets are filed by last name and available in the lobby during practices. You will see two file boxes on one of the tables…look for your ribbons!

Lost Suit – A very, very small suit (size 20 black jammer) was lost in the boys locker room the week before Christmas. Please check your kids’ bags to see if it was picked up mistakenly.

That is it for this week! See you at the pool!


Weekly Updates 12/19/2016

Hello Jr Warriors families!!

Just a few quick notes for this week…

Practice Schedule – Regular practices continue through this Thursday, 12/22. We will have some optional practices during the holiday break and would love to see anyone who is around at the pool. Regular practices resume the week of Jan. 3rd although there is a high school meet on Jan. 3rd so practice is different that day. See the holiday schedule below.

Holiday Celebration – Our annual holiday celebration will be this Thursday, 12/22. We will have some fun in the pool and a special treat afterwards!

Next Meet – Our next meet is an AWAY meet against Concord on Jan. 7th. It is never too early to sign up! Please take a moment to do so at www.waylandjw.com.

Pizza Night – Thanks to those of you who responded to help with pizza night. More help could still be used so please let us know if you can help!

That is it for this week! I hope that all of you have a wonderful, peaceful and joyful holiday with your family.



Tuesday, Dec. 20th – PRACTICE AS USUAL

Thursday, Dec. 22nd – PRACTICE AS USUAL (Holiday Celebration)


Tuesday, Dec. 27th – OPTIONAL PRACTICE**

– 12:00 – 12:30 6&unders

– 12:00 – 12:45 7&8 year olds

– 12:00 – 1:00 9&10 year olds

– 1:00 – 2:00 6th/7th/8th grade

Thursday, Dec. 29th – NO PRACTICE

Friday, Dec. 30th – OPTIONAL PRACTICE**

– 12:00 – 12:30 6&unders

– 12:00 – 12:45 7&8 year olds

– 12:00 – 1:00 9&10 year olds

– 1:00 – 2:00 6th/7th/8th grade

Sunday, Jan. 1st – NO PRACTICE…HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Monday, Jan. 2nd – OPTIONAL PRACTICE **

– 2:00 – 2:30 6&unders

– 2:00 – 2:45 7&8 year olds

– 2:00 – 3:00 9&10 year olds

– 3:00 – 4:00 6th/7th/8th grade

Tuesday, Jan. 3rd – Time Change Due To High School Meet

– 6&unders – NO PRACTICE

– 7/8s – NO PRACTICE

– 9/10s – 6:15 – 7:15**

– 6th/7th/8th – 7:15-8:15

Thursday, Jan. 5th – PRACTICE AS USUAL

**Please note day and time change.

Weekly Update 12/13/2016

Hello Jr Warriors families!

Another great meet again Saturday. We had some really nice swims and brought our record to 3-0. What particularly impressed the coaches was the response to the comment we made before the meet started…that we had many sick kids that day and that no one should leave without asking if they are needed for an extra relay. So many kids came up and asked if they were needed! While we used some, not everyone was needed but we so appreciated the fact that the kids checked in once they were done with their originally scheduled events. Everyone really pulled together for the team! News for this week…

Swimmer of the Week – This week’s swimmers of the week are Elyssa Smith, Bryn Curtin and Emma Shapley. Elyssa is new to our team this year and has been incredibly dedicated to coming to practice and learning new things. She asks really good questions and makes sure she understands how to improve her swimming. The results are great…she is getting faster and stronger. She volunteered to swim in an extra relay last weekend and ended up swimming in a 13/14 relay as a 10 year old. She whipped out an amazing 50 free! Bryn is also new to our team this year. She has been to just about every practice since the season begun and is an excellent example of how coming to practice consistently pays off. In her quiet way, she works incredibly hard and always has a great attitude. She often surprises herself in what she is able to do in practice. Last weekend she ended up swimming the 50 free in a heat by herself because the other swimmers weren’t there. She blazed down the pool and took 3 seconds off her time! That is a huge improvement in just a month and she improved nearly as much in her next event. It was fun to see! Emma is a veteran team member and this year has been a great leader on the team. If you look down at the far end of the pool during meets you can often see Emma cheering for her teammates. She also takes it upon herself to help the younger kids get to the blocks, swim their relays and more. In the pool, she works hard and is getting faster every day. And she has fun doing it! Elyssa, Bryn and Emma are true team players and great examples to the swimmers on our team. Congratulations!!

Next Meet – We have a break for several weeks with our next meet on January 7th. It is our first away meet although it isn’t too far…in Concord at the Beede Center (adjacent to Concord-Carlisle High School). It is never too early to sign up (yes OR no) for the meet. Go to www.waylandjw.com to do so!

Practice Schedule – We have regularly scheduled practices through Thursday, Dec. 22nd. Over the holiday break we will have some optional practices and that schedule will be posted soon.

Focus of the Week – We continue working on butterfly! Ask your kids about it.

Pizza Night – You all should have gotten a separate email about pizza night. Our wonderful organizers are in need of help on Thursdays to sell pizza. They have made it very easy with shifts that correspond to the practices. This is something enjoyed by swimmers and their families but if we don’t get enough people to help sell the pizza, we will have to discontinue Thursday pizza nights. Please contact Dana Cvrk (cvrkdana@gmail.com), Olga Dremov (mikulina_dremova@hotmail.com) or Jane Purser (jane@purser.org) if you can help.

That is it for this week! See you at the pool!