Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you swim? We practice at the Wayland Community Pool. About half of our meets are at our pool.

How often are the meets? During the Fall and Winter, usually, once a week. During the Summer, usually twice a week.

How long are swim meets? About 3-1/2 hours.

What is the telephone number for Wayland Town Pool? 508-358-8999

What days and times are practice? During the Fall and Winter, practice is on Sundays, Tues, and Thursdays.  For practice schedule, click here.  During the Summer, practice is Monday thru Thursday, unless we have a meet at the same time.  Click here for details of practice times.

How much does it cost? For Fall/Winter 2016-2017, the cost is $425 for first swimmer, $400 for second swimmer, $375 per additional swimmer.

What do I need to buy? A swim-suit, goggles, and a swim cap. (All pools require a cap for swimmers with long hair. A few require a cap for all swimmers.)

Is my child "good enough" to be on a swim team? Under-6 swimmers must be able to swim the length of pool (25 yards).

Can I get something to eat? During the Winter, some parents run a snackbar in the lobby.

My child has some special concerns, can my child still join? We make every effort to accomodate individual needs.

What do I need to do to join? The winter Jr Warriors team is usually over-subscribed. We give first priority to returning swimmers and their siblings and then fill open spots from our wait list. To join our wait list, please contact Coach Jeanne.

What other teams are in the area? There's a list here.

How do I know if my child's suit fits? Suits stretch when wet; sizing should be tight but comfortable.

What newspaper follows WJW? The Wayland Town Crier

Should my kid wear her team suit during practice? We recommend not, because the chlorine and abrasion of being used several times a week will wear them out quickly. Team suits are expensive, but you should be able to get 2 years out of a suit if it is used only for meets.

Should I call you or email you? Actually, we prefer to meet you! Please catch us at practice.

How do I choose the right goggles? Googles are necessary, and there's no one kind which is best. A swimmer should try on a few different kinds at practice, before buying an expensive pair.

My son lost his towel. Do you have it? Wayland Community Pool has a Lost & Found bucket in the Lobby, however they discard items after several weeks. Check with the Coaches, because they keep items found after practice & meets for a week or two. Names on items are recommended, but keep in mind that you have to re-label every couple of weeks, even with permanent markers.

Do you swim in the rain? Wayland Community Pool is enclosed October-April, so "Yes, we swim in the rain." However, we do not swim for 40 minutes after observing lightening within the vicinity of the pool.