Weekly Update 01/09/2018

Hello everyone!

We had a great meet against Wayside on Saturday. Many of our swimmers tried new events or events they rarely swim. Everyone did a great job! Please remember that our practice times have changed slightly this week…see the schedule below.

Swimmers of the Week – This week’s swimmers of the week are Clark Hill, Ben Pyhtila, Wyeth Heilman and Michael Eberle. The coaches noticed Clark at the meet Saturday turning to his teammate and wishing him luck before they started their race. It was one of those moments where you catch a child saying something right from the heart and being very sincere. It was such a nice thing to see and a great example of good sportsmanship. Ben is one of the team’s hardest workers. He always gives it his best in practice and is excited when we do longer distances, varied strokes, and really anything new. Ben comes to practice regularly and his dedication and hard work have paid off. He keeps improving with every meet! Wyeth was up on the blocks for his relay on Saturday and cheered his teammate, who was going second, into the wall. He did it with such sincerity and gusto that it really stood out. Wyeth always has a smile on his face and works very hard. His positive attitude is such a wonderful thing to see! Michael is new to the team this year. He has improved tremendously as the season has progressed due to his hard work. He never complains, always does what is asked of him, and is extremely polite to both the coaches and his teammates. All this has paid off as he swims faster in every practice and meet than the last one! Congratulations Clark, Ben, Wyeth and Michael…you are all great examples to your teammates and true team players!!

Practice Changes This Week – Due to high school swim meets, our practice schedule has been altered as follows:
Tuesday, 1/9 (due to High School Swim Meet)
7/8s – 5:30 pm – 6:15 pm***
9/10s – 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm
6th grade – 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
7th/8th grade – 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Thursday, 1/11 (due to High School Swim Meet)
6&unders – NO PRACTICE
9/10s & 6th grade – 6:15 pm – 7:15 pm***
7th/8th grade – 7:15 pm – 8:15 pm
Sunday, 1/14 – Practice as usual

***Note time change

Focus of the Week – This week we continue our focus on breaststroke. We have been working on the kick, the timing of the stroke, and pull outs…all tricky things to master. Ask your kids about it!

Next Meet – Our next meet is on Sat., Jan. 20th. It is a tri-meet at HOME against two smaller teams, SwimPro and Suburban. It is never too early to sign up for the meet! Please go to www.waylandjw.com to sign up.

Volunteers – A gentle reminder that all families are asked to volunteer at a minimum of one meet during the season. If you have not had a chance to do so, please consider signing up to volunteer at our our next meet (www.waylandjw.com under the parent sign up tab). If you are not sure what to volunteer for just ask…we can find you a spot!

A Note On Meets – We don’t have a meet this coming weekend, but after that we have 4 meets in a row. We chatted with the kids about the upcoming meets. Our biggest (i.e., most competitive) meets of the season will be the Feb. 3rd meet against Mystic and the Feb. 10th meet against Longfellow. While we would like all of our swimmers to be at all of our meets, if you absolutely have to pick and choose, these two meets should be at the top of the list.

DQs – DQs (or disqualifications) happen. If your child is DQ’d in an event, it means that they didn’t complete a race legally. That could mean that their stroke was incorrect (i.e., doing flutter kick during butterfly), their turn was incorrect (i.e., too much time on their stomach on a backstroke turn), their finish was incorrect (i.e, a one hand touch instead of a two hand touch in breaststroke), or they left early on a relay start. For the coaches, DQs are teaching moments. While we do always talk about legal strokes, turns, finishes and relay starts in practice, we also chat with swimmers when they are DQ’d in a meet so they know what caused it. Our motto is, “practice makes perfect”…if you practice legal strokes, turns, finishes and relay starts, you will do it right in meets.

Championship Waivers – Again this year every swimmer must have a completed waiver to participate in championships. This is a requirement by BU. Blank waivers will be available at the pool. I have also attached a blank waiver to this email. Please complete the waiver and return it to the folder in the pool lobby. Thanks for your help with this!

Pizza Thursdays – We are still in need of volunteers to help sell pizza on Thursdays. Please consider signing up for a shift so we can keep this popular tradition going. You can either do it via the website (www.waylandjw.com under the “parent sign up” tab) or by going directly to http://signup.com/go/LToudvX . Many thanks for your help!
Lost Suits – Just a reminder to check your swimmer’s bag for an suits accidentally picked up in the locker room. It does happen and has happened several times this year.

That is it for this week! See you at the pool!