Weekly Update 12/04/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families!

We have a meet this coming Saturday…our only December meet! News for the week is below…

Swimmers of the Week – This week’s swimmers of the week are Grace Marto, Lucas Pralle and Vida Moradi. Grace has impressed the coaches with her desire and determination to get a workout in even when she has a conflict. She isn’t shy to ask about coming early so she can get some swimming in when she wouldn’t be able to during her regularly scheduled practice. And every time Grace is in the pool, she works incredibly hard and it shows. Lucas is very much a self starter and leads by example. During warm ups on Tuesdays and Thursdays he regularly leads his lane in 10×50 keeping track of the send off interval and the number of 50s that have been completed. On Sundays, when the older kids choose their own lanes for warm up, Lucas asks what the warm up is and then dives in and completes it without stopping…a great trait. He, too, works extremely hard in practice. Vida impressed the coaches with her asking for help on flip turns. It isn’t always easy to ask for help, but Vida did and was able to do some quality flip turn work during a recent practice. Her swimming is already better with her newly improved flip turns! Grace, Lucas and Vida all lead by example and are great team players. Congratulations!

Meet Saturday – We have a home meet this Saturday, Dec. 9th against Thoreau. Timing is:
12:15 pm – Arrival
12:25 pm – Warm Up
1:00 pm – Meet Starts
Please sign up for the meet (yes OR no) by Friday at noon at waylandjw.com. We also need our usual host of volunteers, so please sign up for that as well!

Focus of the Week – This week we begin our focus on butterfly. The timing is really important in butterfly…getting your breath in at the beginning of the stroke so your head is back down before your arms come around. Proper timing makes butterfly much easier. Ask your kids about it!

Thursday Pizza Night – from Brook Pyhtila and Melissa Mee…Pizza Night continues this Thursday! As a reminder, on Thursdays pizza is sold in the lobby for $2 a slice during all swim practices. But we need your help selling pizzas, starting this week! Please email Brook at bpyhtila@gmail.com if you can help or check out the sign up sheet at http://signup.com/go/LToudvX. Thanks!

Meet Results and Ribbons – Meet results can be found at waylandjw.com under the “WJW swimmers” tab. Ribbons are in a file box in the lobby…every WJW family has a folder where their ribbons can be found.

Lost and Found – A female team suit (size 36) was found in the locker room last week. If you are missing it, let Jeanne know!

That is it for this week! See you at the pool!