Weekly Update 11/20/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families!

Congratulations to all our swimmers on a great first meet! Our record stands at 1-0. It has been a very long time since our first meet was against one of the bigger teams…and it lived up to a meet between two big teams with lots of noise and lots of kids. Coupled with a few technical glitches at the beginning made for a busy afternoon! But the kids took it in stride and swam really well. Below is news for the week, so please read on.

Swimmers of the Week – With our first meet we begin our Swimmer of the Week distinction. Swimmers of the week are those kids who the coaches have noticed have gone above and beyond in some aspect of the team including practice, helping teammates, team spirit, good sportsmanship, and so on. Our swimmers of the week this week are Brady Foley, Ramji Ravi and Darini Nagalingam. Brady is in our 9/10 group and has been an incredible friend and role model to one of our new swimmers who wasn’t too sure about swimming on the team. Brady always has a smile for him, makes sure he understands what he is supposed to do, and gives him encouragement along the way. Ramji impressed the coaches at our meet Saturday when he took two new swimmers under his wing and showed them the ropes on how to get to the bullpen and line up for their events. It was effortless on his part…he already had one swimmer with him and he heard another ask what he was supposed to do and Ramji simply turned around and said, “He can come with me.” Darini is a new swimmer on our team and has impressed us with her work ethic and great attitude. During the first Sunday practice she was on a relay with another new swimmer who struggled on his leg of the relay. Darini cheered for him the entire time he was swimming and then immediately congratulated him on a job well done complete with a high five and big smile. Seeing Brady, Ramji and Darini be so welcoming and supportive of their new teammates really warms the hearts of the coaches and is what our team is all about. Congratulations to the three of you…you are all true team players!

Thanksgiving Schedule:
Tuesday, Nov. 21st – Practice as usual
Sunday, Nov. 26th – Practice as usual

Focus of the Week – This week we will begin our focus on backstroke…keeping that belly button pointed to the sky, keeping the chin back, and finishing on your back. Ask your kids about it!

Meet Thoughts – There are several meet related items to pass on…

Next Meet – Our next meet is Saturday, Dec. 9th.
Relays – Some of you mentioned that your kids didn’t know what relays were or how they worked. We have talked about them and practiced them in practice and will continue to do so. However, we don’t do it in every practice so if your kids aren’t at practice when we review relays, they may still have questions. Please have them ask us! Any coach is happy to go over relays with your swimmer(s). They will soon become pros because most everyone swims in a relay in every meet!
Event Numbers – We have a deli counter hanging above the bullpen that tells you what event number is currently in the water swimming during meets. Unfortunately it was pulled down Saturday and broke, but we hope to have it up and working again by our next meet. It is a really easy way to see either from the lobby or pool deck what event is swimming. Additionally, there is a white board next to the diving boards that tells the kids which event numbers are being called to the bullpen.
Lost Kids – We found ourselves looking for kids for events and particularly relays Saturday. We will review this with the kids, but they should be inside the pool area in our seating area at least 6 events before their next event (i.e., if they are in event #12 and event #6 is in the water, they need to be in our team area so they can get to the bullpen).
Photos/Videos – It is a league rule that no photos or videos be taken from behind the starting blocks. Please only take photos/videos from the sides or far end of the pool.
Practice Spectating – Parents and others are more than welcome to observe practices. However, we ask that no one stand behind the blocks to do so as it is distracting for both the swimmers and coaches. Feel free to sit in the stands on either side of the pool!

Pizza Night – Thanks to Brook Pyhtila and Melissa Mee for organizing Thursday pizza night. They can always use volunteers!! If you would like to help sell pizza, please contact them directly (bpyhtila@gmail.com or mee.melissa@gmail.com).

Suit Needed – We have a new team member looking for a gently used size 28 female team suit. If you have one that you would like to donate back to the team, please let Jeanne know.

That is it for this week! I hope all of you have a wonderful and restful Thanksgiving with your family!