Weekly Update 11/12/2017

Hello Jr Warriors families!

It has been a great first week of swimming! We have many new faces amongst our returning team members and it has been fun to get everyone into the pool. Amazingly, our first meet is this Saturday! Please read on for important information about signing up for the meet, team suits, pizza night and more.

Meet Saturday – Our first meet of the season is a HOME meet this Saturday, Nov. 18th against Concord. Timing is:
12:15 pm – Arrival
12:30 pm – Warm Up
1:00 pm – Meet Starts
Please sign up for the meet (yes OR no) on the website (www.waylandjw.com) under the “meet sign up” tab by Friday, Nov. 17th at noon. If there are any special circumstances (i.e., arriving late, leaving early) please make a note in the “notes” box next to your swimmer’s name. We need to hear from every single swimmer as to their status so we can plan our entries accordingly. Every swimmer is ready to swim in the meet!! They shouldn’t “not swim” just because they/you don’t think they are ready. If you have any questions about your child swimming in the meet, please don’t hesitate to ask. We will be talking about the meet with the kids this week in all practices. PLEASE sign up today!! (**A note on online sign ups: the Chrome browser works best. The sign up function does not work on phones…sorry. Please only type in the “yes/no” and “notes” boxes.)

Meet Volunteers – We need a host of parent volunteers to run our meet so please go to the website (www.waylandjw.com) under the “parent sign up” tab and volunteer for that as well. There are plenty of opportunities and if you are not sure what a job is, just ask!

Coaches – We have been introducing our coaches to the kids this week but thought we would introduce them to their parents as well! Our adult coaches are Cathy Shapley (ages 9&up), Matt Devlin (9/10s) and myself (all groups). Our high school coaches are Sean Devlin (all groups), Nedha Khadjenoori (6&unders), Leah Scheidemantel (6&unders), Jane Greenaway (6&unders), Andrew Shapley (7/8s), Nick Smith (7/8s), Abby Obar (7/8s) and Andrew Kipp (7/8s). We also have some additional high school helpers for November as some of our regular coaches finish up their fall sports. The “November” coaches are Rosie Kiefer, Zeke Betancourt, Hallie Bachman and Julia Pak. Please feel free to introduce yourselves to them!
Focus of the Week – Each week we have a focus of the week in practice. This past week we focused on freestyle including turns for the older kids. We also worked on starts and getting off the blocks fast. Ask your kids about it!

Schedule Change – The Dec. 2nd meet with Revere has been cancelled as Revere has not been able to have their team practice due to their pool being closed for repairs. That means we only have 7 dual meets this year (as opposed to our usual 8). Please plan accordingly!
Team Suits and Caps – Team suits have been handed out and we started to hand out team caps today. Every swimmer who wears a cap (i.e, all girls and boys with long hair) will be given one team cap for the season. If the cap is lost, you are welcome to purchase another. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about team suits or caps.

Gently Used Suits – We still have a few gently used team suits. These are suits that have been donated back to the team after a child has grown out of the suit. Please contact me if interested in one of these suits.

Pizza Night – Thursday Pizza Night resumes this Thursday! Many thanks to Brook Phytila and Melissa Mee for organizing pizza nights this year. For those new to the team, on Thursdays pizza is sold in the lobby for $2 a slice during all swim practices. As always, help is appreciated selling the pizza. It is a fun, social thing to do while your kids are in the pool. A volunteer sign up for selling pizza will go out soon.

Lobby/Locker Room Monitor Schedule – The Lobby/Locker Room Monitor shifts begin this week. Shifts have been assigned in alphabetical order this year by swimmers’ last names. Please check the schedule for your shift at http://waylandjw.com/wordpress/?page_id=1022. A hard copy is also posted at the pool. This is an extremely important job!! If you cannot make your shift, it is your responsibility to find a replacement.

Lost and Found – In the first week of practice, we have already found several swim suits left in the locker room. I cannot emphasize enough how helpful it is to put your swimmer’s name on the inside tag of their suit. If we find a suit with a name we will let you know and hold on to the suit until the next practice. If there is no name on the suit, we will put the suit in the lost and found. Sometimes suits (caps and goggles too) have a way of disappearing from the lost and found. So please label everything!!!

That is it for this week! See you at the pool.