COVID policy

Registration and Health Form – All swimmers are fully registered for the team and have a spot every day their age group practices. However, for contact tracing purposes we need every swimmer to “book” their spot online and fill out the health form before they come to practice each day.

  • Go to
  • If you already have a login (ie, your child has already participated in programs at the pool this fall), log in. If you have never logged in before, click on “register” and create an account. **Please note, it is important you use the same email address that you registered your swimmer with originally so that the system can link you to your swimmer(s).
  • Once you are logged in, you will see two things: the “weekly COVID form” link which will take you to the health questionnaire that you need to fill out for every practice.
    The pool schedule. Click on the Jr Warriors time slot that your swimmer attends and “book” the session.
  • If you have trouble with this process, please contact either Matt DeChane ( or me.

Scan Tags – Every time your swimmer attends practice, they will need to scan in. If your swimmer already has a scan tag from a fall program, they can continue to use that tag. If they do not have a scan tag, there is one waiting for them at the pool. You can either stop by before Thursday and pick it up or your swimmer can pick it up when they come to practice on Thursday. My suggestion is that the scan tag be attached to their swim bag.

Arrival – As a reminder, parents/caregivers/siblings are not allowed to enter the pool building. All swimmers should meet their coach (either me or one of the other coaches) at the door to the pool. Swimmers will be allowed to enter the building once the group before them has exited. Most likely that will be 5-7 minutes before your swimmer’s practice is scheduled to begin. Swimmers should feel free to wait in their cars until then…otherwise they will need to wait outside.

  • Once your swimmer enters the building they will scan their tag at the check in table and then they will proceed to the pool deck.
  • Swimmers will have assigned lanes (to be emailed separately). For those assigned to the deep end of their lanes, they will place their belongings on the bench next to that lane. For those assigned to the shallow end of their lanes, they will place their belongings in pre-marked spots on the deck on the parking lot side of the pool. All locations for belongings take appropriate social distancing into account.

Getting In to the Pool
Swimmers will disrobe where their belongings are placed, keeping their masks on the entire time.
Swimmers will wear their masks to the edge of the pool and then remove them just before entering the pool. Masks can be stored on the bench at the end of their lane. **NOTE: Swimmers are encouraged to bring a ziploc bag to keep their mask in so masks stay dry during practice.

Getting Out of the Pool
When swimmers get out of the pool, they will immediately put their masks on. They will then head to their belongings and get dressed over their swimming suits.

Leaving the Pool
Swimmers will be asked to dress and leave the pool area quickly. A coach will be at the door to make sure they find their rides.
Please be on time to pick up your swimmers. Most likely they will be ready to be picked up 5 minutes after practice ends. We need everyone from one group to exit the building before the next group enters.

Locker Rooms
Swimmers will not be able to use the locker rooms (except in the case of needing to use the toilet) so they should come dressed in their bathing suits.
As noted above, swimmers need to wear their masks at all times in the pool building except when in the water.

During the 15 minute break between groups, high touch surfaces (including the benches at the end of the lanes) will be cleaned.

Positive COVID Case Plan
In the event that one of the swimmers or coaches has a positive COVID case, the Wayland Health Department will work with pool management to conduct contact tracing and advise the pool accordingly as to next steps. A communication will be sent to all team members.